California Released Time Bible Education
State approved since 1942
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Q. Who legally authorizes this program?
A. California State Education Code 46014 authorizes pupils, with the written consent of their parents/guardians, to be excused from school in order
    to participate in religious instruction. Furthermore, School District Board Policies allows for student participation in religious instruction away from   
    the school. 

Q. Will my child miss any public school work? 
A. Yes. Your child will be absent from class for approximately 45 to 60 minutes once a week for the eight-month program. However, we strongly  
    suggest that the students ask their teachers or classmates for any missed instructions and assignments after class. 

Q. Does this mean that religion is being taught in the public school? 
A. No. Instruction is given at a location within walking distance to the schools. Additionally, participation is purely voluntary and only with the  
    expressed written permission of the parent/guardian. 

Q. Where will students receive this instruction? 
A. Students will be met by the RTCE volunteer instructors at the school and walked to a church, home, park, shuttle bus or trailer in front of or nearby
     the school. Trailers and shuttle buses are used as a mobile classroom and student are not transported in them. Following the class, the RTCE 
     volunteers walk students back to the school location. 

Q. Will instruction take place during inclement weather? 
A. No. Since students will be walking to the teaching locations, no classes are conducted during periods of inclement weather. 

Q. Can students attend if they are “off track? 
A. Yes, where there are multiple track schools, they are encouraged to attend. However, the volunteers will only be responsible for off-track students
     who do attend class from the designated meeting and returning school location. Note: Instructions will not be available if the school is on a single-
     track schedule since classes will not be in session. 

Q. How old is this program? 
A. It originally began in 1914 in Indiana. California school districts began to allow their students voluntary participation in 1942. 

Q. Are parents allowed to visit the classes? 
A. Yes. Parents are encouraged to visit the classes at any time. 

Q. Is there a Released Time web site I can view? 
A. Yes. Please see: and for additional information. 

Q. Who finances this program? 
A. Each Released Time organization is self-supporting. It is financed through the contributions of individuals, churches and grants. No funds are 
    derived from school districts or parents. 

Q. Are students covered by insurance? 
A. Yes. The state education code requires insurance on the students since they leave the school grounds. 

Q. Who trains the teachers? 
A. Each Released Time Ministry screens applicants, checks their backgrounds and provides training and curriculum for their teachers and 
    volunteers. Most Released Time teachers have years of Bible teaching experience and dedicated to their students. 

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