California Released Time Bible Education
State approved since 1942
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 RTCE Is Needed 

     The society we live in places pressures on children putting them at risk for uninformed decisions that affect their whole lives. The choices they make now need guidance based on biblical knowledge - strong moral standards that develop character and form their core values. Released Time Christian Education classes help build strong relationships with the parents, siblings, peers and those in authority in their lives.

     Statistics prove that, more than ever before, teenage pregnancies are higher, as are abortions. There are gang rivalries and associated violence, drug and alcohol abuse in the public schools. The seduction and lure of 'Mysticism' among our youth is also on the rise.  When God is removed from any area of our daily lives, the blessings God provided in that area are also removed. We are failing as a nation to pass down knowledge of God to our children!  In Addition, not all children have the opportunity to attend church on Sunday morning - or to go to a midweek children's program. Released Time Christian Education is a ministry that goes to the schools where the children are everyday of the week. We need Bible classes on our school campuses!

     Why would Christian parents want their children to attend Released Time Christian Education Classes?
Why would parents want 'religious' education for their children who already attend church, Why would they want Released Time Christian Education classes in addition to that?

     The Answer, Believe it or not, a Christian parent did once tell us that, at first they thought their child had enough church, they didn’t need anymore. But, once they saw how much fun the children had and how much this added option was improving the students?all around knowledge of the Bible, they changed their mind and signed their child up.

     Most Christians will send their child to a Released Time program not only to further their child’s Bible study education, but also to set an example for others. The Bible teaches us to be a LIGHT wherever we go... that includes the public school.

     Most Christian parents recognize that if Christians do NOT set the example and enroll their children in a Released Time Christian Education class how can we honestly expect the un-churched to care?

     A great deal of the children who attend public school are un-churched more than 65% to be exact. Those are the children who need this program the most.  Some Christian parents are forced to work during regular worship times and can’t get to church every Sunday. They are grateful for this added option for their child called Released Time.

     Quite honestly, what Christian wouldn’t want continued Bible education? We never stop growing in our knowledge of God. If you discontinue Bible study and think that you already know it all...something is drastically wrong. To grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord is a continuing process (2nd Peter 3:17-18) not something you do for a while and then skip it.

     Concern about publicity?  I'm a Christian and I’m for this added religious education, but don’t think it should be publicly promoted because that will call too much attention to it and cause opposition to come in and shut it down.

     The Answer, PUBLICITY not only creates awareness about the program and gets the information out to others who never knew it existed. It also aids in local community awareness, which creates supporters - including teachers - and funding for the program. If not for public recognition of Released Time Christian Education programs, many parents would never known about Released Time and ultimately many children would not be in the program right now! 

Deborah Flowers

Executive director

Public School Bible Study Outreach Ministries 

Hatfield, Indiana